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"I am so genuinely happy to have Julie as a partner. Not only does she simply make the finest ceramics in the most beautiful universe, but at the same time as a person she is enormously inspiring, professional, skilled and very sympathetic - she is one of those you really want to work with"

Herle Jarlgaard Hansen CEO and founder of Finderskeepers, Danmark

Julie Damhus manages to combine the rustic and solid look of the ceramic with a modern shape and current colors, which you can mix and match.

Nicola Kragh Riis Chefredaktør for ALT Interiør og Boligliv

Simple and clean handmade ceramics in modern style with a very delicate glaze. There is a different natural expression in the surface, that customers love to choose the one that feels best!"

Helene Vonsild Owner of 1+1 Textil, Aarhus

"Julie's beautiful ceramics arouse enthusiasm and joy in my littlel shop, both among customers and with us who look at it every day"

Tine Eiersø Owner of Girlie Hurly, Copenhagen

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